WHB Wehmeyer

Construction planning

We offer timber constructions made of glue-laminated beams of various types of wood such as spruce, pine and larch. In addition to standard cross-sections, we can also supply special dimensions. We offer advice and provide the following services:





Where others stop, we’re only really beginning.

Thanks to modern EDP systems, complex roof structures are now much easier to plan. We use the latest 3D-CAD programmes to design our projects and create the necessary static calculations and blueprints. The necessary timber is cut to size quickly, flexibly and with millimetre accuracy. 





Some sample designs are detailed below

to give an impression of the types of timber structures possible today. 




  • Offer preparation
  • Advice on the project
  • Delivery of glue-laminated beams and connections
  • Installation

When it comes to the choice of materials and the installation process, we take the statutory requirements that apply to the construction sector extremely seriously. And sometimes exceed them to the benefit of the basic structure.






Roof construction of a domed roof for a monastery:



Design of the construction



Design for a circular roof structure



Design for an indoor tennis hall
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