WHB Wehmeyer


Wehmeyer has been involved in the renovation of laminated timber structures for over 20 years. Our employees are specially trained to carry out repairs to load-bearing timber elements and laminated timber by means of bonding

- crack filling

- bonded reinforcing elements

- glued in steel components

- splice connections

Renovations to supporting structures may only be carried out by certified companies. We are certified to carry out this type of work.

We are specialists in the renovation of glue-laminated and laminated timber.





The primary causes of damage to timber structures are:
  • Insufficient constructional or chemical wood preservation
  • Errors in the production of timber structural elements
  • Errors during construction and installation
  • Errors during the dimensioning process
  • Illegal installations and building alterations

Following the collapse of the indoor ice rink in Bad Reichenhall, there has been a significant and necessary increase in awareness of the need for inspections and checks on roof structures made of glue-laminated or laminated timber. Detailed inspections of load-bear structures often reveal major cracks in the glued laminated timber trusses, which have implications regarding static forces (>b/6).