WHB Wehmeyer


Your requirements and preferences set our benchmark. Virtually anything is possible. That’s because we cover the entire scope of joinery work. You can benefit from our experience in the following areas in particular:




Wooden doors
  • No matter how big or how small, one’s own home is one’s castle. Whether it’s a new build or a restored home, a matching front door complements the character of your house
Windows – the eyes of your home
  • Viewed from outside, they are an architectural feature. But they still have to blend with the interior design of your home. They should provide the best view and maximise the incidence of light. And they must meet the highest standards in terms of functionality: Protection against heat and cold, drafts and noise – not to mention break-ins. Plenty of reasons to have your windows crafted by a joiner. For this reason, window construction is among our numerous joinery skills.