WHB Wehmeyer

Support structures

Laminated timber has become an indispensible element of modern architecture. The design possibilities offered by this material are virtually limitless. So it’s easy to understand the ever increasing fascination among developers and architects with this method of construction.




The key advantages of timber construction solutions are:
  • Free span widths of over 100 metres – the ability to dispense with additional vertical supports inside the hall opens up totally flexible usage possibilities for the space
  • The relatively light weight of wood imposes lower foundation loads compared with alternative materials
  • Wood provides for ideal room acoustics
  • Thanks to its precisely predictable fire characteristics, wood offers maximum safety reserves (up to F90B fire-resistance rating possible)
  • Seamlessly coordinated installation teams ensure swift installation according to strict schedules
  • One responsible project manager = one contact partner during the construction phase
  • Timber construction solutions by Wehmeyer are environmentally compatible
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