WHB Wehmeyer


Our carpentry expertise is entirely devoted to serving our customers. We can provide all the support you need with regard to planning, calculating static forces and execution from shell-only structures all the way to the finished building.

Our carpentry services:

- Consulting and cost estimates

- Draft planning and construction drawings

- Planning and drainage applications

- Static load calculations and thermal insulation certification

- Construction supervision and quality control



Wehmeyer carpentry represents the most important quality features of timber construction.
  • Cutting-edge technology and tradition. CAD planning guarantees the utmost precision for roof trusses, timber frames, wooden framework houses, monument preservation and renovation.
  • Our carpenters offer perfect craftsmanship. Highly skilled bespoke work dedicated to creating unique artefacts, individually crafted and accurate in every detail
  • Ecology. A sensitive approach to building materials is essential to ensure energy-efficient and environmentally aware building that is compatible with local styles
  • Flexibility. The use of prefabricated components ensures swift on-site construction and timely completion
  • Carpentry customer service. Building projects are jointly realised in personal contact with the customer